iphone 8 (its all screen, baby)

Some new pictures has been rumbeling in the internet and we at

Apple an’Droids are 85% sure the new iphone 8 will have this design!

as you can see on the picture the iphone 8 will have an all screen front and there is no

fingerprint scanner on the back so apple has explored the ability to make an “screen touch ID”

home button. the back of the iphone looks to be and all glass back just like the iphone 4 and the

camera is going to be vertical for a new “finished design”

as you can see with the “all glass back” apple is probably going to announce an “wireless charging”.

Apple has a 10 years annerversary this year so we at Apple an’Droids think that apple is going to

go “All in” this year.

as you can see on the other pictures leaked. they compare the iphone 7s to the iphone 8. please keep in mind this is the early stages of the production and we might get something different when it launches late 2017. But the hype is real apple is going to do good this year. after a couple of years of total boring phones since iphone 6.




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